About us

Chiropody Express is a family run business operating from the ''heart'' of Yorkshire, Brighouse! We have been running for nearly 13 years and over this period feel we have built up a good reputation for being trustworthy suppliers with the very best in customer service.


Developing good working relationships with our customers is primary concern. Whenever you calln us or we call on you, you will be dealing with somebody who understands your business. We like to call that ''good old fashioned personal service''. We make exellent use of our most sophisticated pieces of communication equipment - OUR EARS! So if there is anything that isn't on the website that you require, or you would just prefer to speak to a human being then please do get in touch.


As this moment in time we are aware of thedifficult and unstable financial cilmate and have therefore taken every effort to maintain competative pricing throughout the site, and together with regular promotions hope to give you the most economic solutions to your Chiropody supply needs.


Our office hourse are:

Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 5.30pm and out side these hourse we have a 24 hour answering machine servivce. Alternatively send us an email or contact us here and we will do our best to respond ASAP.


Our offices are based here:

11 Owler Ings Road


West Yorkshire



But please send all your mail here:

PO Box 18


West Yorkshire



Our team


- Alan Fletcher

- Janine Churchill



- Pamela Fletcher


Marketing and/or anything ICT related:

- Tom Fletcher