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  • Hadewe Xantos Nail Drill - Domiciliary

    Hadewe Xantos Nail Drill -...

    This mains operated portable drill give vibration free, variable speed operation. The control units clean design includes a built-in handpiece holder as well as easy clean touch sensitive controls. Left or Right Operation

  • Hadewe Dust Extraction Drills

    Hadewe Dust Extraction Drills

    We have a full extensive range of Hadewe Micromotor Drills and Handpieces to suit your invididual needs. Please call 01484717999 for personal assisstance in finding the right Hadewe drill for you.   We stock and sell a range of drills, handpieces and dustbags all available at our latest most competative prices.  ...

  • Hadewe Dust Bags

    Hadewe Dust Bags

    Dustbags for all Hadewe units. Please check first whether you require cloth or paper dust bags.

  • Dremel Multichuck

    Dremel Multichuck

    Dremel Multichuck for use with ALL sizes of burs.

  • Combi Micromotor Drill

    Combi Micromotor Drill

    From the same manufacturer as our CX38 drill this mains operated high quality micromotor is ideal for both surgery and domiciliary use. The light, compact handpiece is noise, heat and vibration free, even after long hours of continuous operation. The unit comes c/w handpiece cradle and optional on/off foot control.

  • Professional Micromotor Drill

    Professional Micromotor Drill

    Our new entry level micromotor drill is economical on price but not on quality. The sturdy control unit includes an automatic safety overload protection system, bur bit stand along with mounting options for the handpiece.

  • Hadewe Waterspray Drill SPR3

    Hadewe Waterspray Drill SPR3

    The SPR3 has been upgraded to provide a fine atomising spray technique which allows working without an alocohol additive which protects the patient and especially the user in long hours of continuous work.   PLEASE CALL US FOR LATEST PRICE

  • CX Combi Portable

    CX Combi Portable

    This our mid price portable domiciliary drill option and contains a nickel hydrogen battery, which means a quicker 3 hours to full charge. The unit comes with a high quality lightweight brushed steel hand piece with click and lock bur operation. 

  • Hadewe Veloria Dust Extraction Drill - BRAND NEW

    Hadewe Veloria Dust Extraction...

    BRAND NEW for 2016   Super silent and lightweight brushless suction unit. The hand piece is equipped with our patented clamping system. The knob is now made out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) to allow maximum comfort. Speeds of up to 40,000 RPM

  • K38 Portable Micro Motor Nail Drill - Button Type *NEW FOR 2016*

    CX38A Portable Micro Motor Nail...

    BRAND NEW FOR 2016 - This battery powered K38 comes with cross infection control wipable buttons meaning less chance of debris entering the unit. Comes in the usual white gloss wipe down finish and with a brand newly designed SH300S hand piece. See below for specification.