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  • Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile Gloves

    Medical grade non-sterile Nitrile gloves for general purpose use. Resistant to most solvents and oil based chemicals. Please select your size.

  • Sterile Latex Gloves

    Sterile Latex Gloves

    One Pair of Sterile Latex Gloves, medical grade for surgery.

  • Utility Drape

    Utility Drape

    Sterile Utility Drape

  • Nurses Mop Cap

    Nurses Mop Cap

    Nurses Mop Cap, elasticated rim.

  • Disposable Apron

    Disposable Apron

    Disposable Apron in White.

  • Face Mask - P.Plus

    Face Mask - P.Plus

    P.Plus Face Mask with elastic loop.

  • Face Mask - Moulded Fibre

    Face Mask - Moulded Fibre

    Moulded Fibre Face Mask with loop aroudn back of head. Latex free made from cotton fibre.

  • Face Mask - Super Hi-Filtration

    Face Mask - Super Hi-Filtration

    Super Hi-Filtration Face Mask, with elastic loop for easy adjustment. Stops the finest of dust and debris.

  • Face Mask - Protex Cotton

    Face Mask - Protex Cotton

    Protex Cotton Masks - Flexible noseband with pleated construction to maximise coverage; High bacterial filtration and fluid repellence; Made for medical professionals.

  • Face Mask - Protex Cotton S3V

    Face Mask - Protex Cotton S3V

    Protex Cotton S3V - Has been designed and tested to offer a combination of low inhalation and exhalation resistance, the result being decreased temperatures inside the respirator. The valve dispels heat, humidity and exhaled CO2 within the respirator. In more demanding work conditions the Protex valved option offers an improved working environment.