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  • Frist Aid Kit

    Frist Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit, ideal for travelling. Contains: - Sterile Wound Dressing 18x18cm- Triangular Bandage- Alcohol Free Wipes - Disposable Gloves - Safety Pins Packet 6 assorted- Sterile Adhesive Dressings (waterproof)- Guidance Notes

  • Curanail


    Contains amorolfine, an effective antifungal agent. A once a week application for up to two nails.

  • Clearzal

    Clearzal *p*

    Clearzal BAC antimicrobial is a clinically tested solution that kills 99.9% of the microbes which can call nail infections. Free from acid, oil, alcohol, lacquer and odour.

  • Rescue Remedy

    Rescue Remedy

    World famous for quickly restoring inner calm control and focus helping you manage your daily stresses and get on with your life. The distinct little yellow bottle is the only combination rememdy formulated by Dr Edward Back over 70 years ago and is relied upon by many.

  • Occlusal

    Occlusal *p*

    A cutaneous solutions for the treatments and removal of warts and verrucas.

  • Veracur Gel Kit

    Veracur Gel Kit

    Contains a weak solution of formaldehyde in a gel form and is free from salicylic and lactic acids.

  • Caustic Applicator

    Caustic Applicator *p*

    Contains 75% silver nitrate mixed with 25% potassium nitrate BP. Use for removing granulation tissue, warts and verrucae.

  • Acriflex Cream

    Acriflex Cream

    Antiseptic cream for cuts and abrasions.

  • Betadine Dry Powder Spray

    Betadine Dry Powder Spray

    Antiseptic spray for infected wounds.

  • Calamine Lotion BP

    Calamine Lotion BP

    Use for burns, itching and helps soothes irritated skin.