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Instrument Care

  • Blue Plastic Storage Tray

    Blue Plastic Storage Tray

    Ideal for us with Dom-bags as ideal for storage for instruments, tapes sundries. Comes with secure lid.

  • Autoclave Bags / Pouches

    Autoclave Bags / Pouches

    Autoclave pouches for a safe sterile enviroment when after cleaning in an autoclave.

  • Canvas Instrument Roll

    Canvas Instrument Roll

    Canvas Instrument Roll for handy instrument storage.

  • Aluminium Trays with Rack

    Aluminium Trays with Rack

    Aluminium Trays x6 inside Aluminium Rack. Each tray different colour for easy identification. Autoclavable.

  • Ebiox Ultra

    Ebiox Ultra

    This is the simplest and safest way to efficently clean instruments. It is 99% Biodegradeable and makes up to 60 litres of solution. Can be used by itself or inside an Ultrasonice Cleaner.

  • Ultrawave Ultraclean Solution

    Ultrawave Ultraclean Solution

    A 20:1 concentrate for use only in Ultasonice Cleaners

  • Ebiox SSR Instrument Polish

    Ebiox SSR Instrument Polish

    Removes stains and rust marks to rejuvenate instruments.

  • Sea Clean Concentrate

    Sea Clean Concentrate

    A 20:1 concentrate. Green cleaning using natural ingrediants. Made from fruit extracts, seaweed and coconut oils. Non-toxic, non-flammable with a long shelf life. Ideal for ultrasonic cleaners.

  • Prolystica Tip 'N' Pour

    Prolystica Tip 'N' Pour

    A highly concrentrated [250:1] Enzymatic presoak and cleaner for instruments. Exceptional cleaning performance with speed and protection for manual and automated processes. A 4ml to 1 litre dosage means it is very cost effective [makes up to 250 litres].

  • Sterilit


    Regular use of the paraffin/white old based Sterilit will increase the life and smooth the cutting action of Nail Nippers and Forceps. Spray the joints after cleaning and drying prior to autoclaving.